Madame Alexander Increases
E-commerce Revenue By
345% In 1st Year

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Since Madame Alexander's inception in 1923, Madame Beatrice Alexander, a talented, entrepreneurial, New York woman with a vision to engage a child's imagination through doll play, has inspired girls of all ages, throughout the generations, to have fun, to grow, to learn, to imagine. The Madame Alexander Doll Company upholds that vision today and encourages girls of all ages to enjoy a lifetime of fun delighting fans with baby, fashion, play, and limited edition doll collections that are beautifully designed, age-appropriate products of quality and craftsmanship.


Madame Alexander was looking for a results-driven SEM agency to help get their ecommerce sales off the ground and turn a positive ROI – they had previously handled this in-house with PPC "professionals" mishandling the account.


Within 1-year with AdCaffeine, Madame Alexander's year-over-year revenue increased by 17.90%, exceeding their goals for year-over-year growth with an average return on ad spend of 3x.


Increase in Ecommerce Revenue in 1st YOY growth.


Decrease in Cost per Conversion.


Return on Ad Spend.

What we did:

  • Google & Bing Search Ads
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Dynamic Display Remarketing
AdCaffeine is a proactive business focused driver of building brand awareness, leads & sales. Judy Herbst - Director of Marketing & PR, Madame Alexander

Turning a Non-Profitable Account Into a Profitable One

When Madame Alexander launched their e-commerce store on Magento, they tried to generate sales by running PPC ads with in-house marketers. However, they could not generate a positive return.

Madame Alexander wanted to acquire new customers, increase website conversions and improve revenue while maintaining a positive ROI.

AdCaffeine met with Madame Alexander and discussed goals, AdCaffeine conducted a full-scale PPC audit and developed a game plan to reach their goals.

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Driving Business & Making Things Happen

After Madame Alexander came on-board with us we launched a set of newly developed campaigns that would be more attractive to their customer personas and tone their unique selling points.

Together, the AdCaffeine and Madame Alexander teams have developed a strong working relationship that involves all aspects of paid media management.

In addition to ongoing optimizations and bid management, upcoming strategies for Madame Alexander include unique positioning for holiday sales, promoting new doll lines, and preparing expansions for the winter, spring, summer & fall seasons.

Here's fully what Madame Alexander has to say about working with us:
(p.s. we ❤️ y'all too!)

AdCaffeine is a proactive business focused driver of building brand awareness, leads & sales. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Darren on the Madame Alexander brand and he was always available and a delight to work with. He is a creative thinker and strategist who handled the PPC pieces of the business driving sales and survey data. I strongly recommend them as a proactive partner, they own the business with you! A great teammate.

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